About the Council

Our Corporate Plan for the period 2019 - 2023 sets out our high level direction and key priorities. Each year a more detailed schedule of priorities is prepared and these inform service plans and officers' personal objectives.

Our key priorities can be summarised under five broad heading which cover our organisational responsibilities:

  1. A great place to live
  2. A thriving economy
  3. A strong, safe and healthy community
  4. A cared for environment
  5. A modern and flexible council

Find out more about our Corporate Plan.

The Council comprises 47 elected councillors. The Conservative Group is the Majority Group and the current political balance of the Council is:

  • 31 Conservative
  • 13  Liberal Democrat
  • 2 Green Party
  • 1 Independent

The Council currently employs 425 staff across three directorates:

  • Place
  • Corporate Resources
  • Community Services