The role

Chief Executive

This role is about visible leadership, clarity of purpose and a strong focus on outcomes. We expect our new Chief Executive to be a versatile and adaptable leader, and to be able to bring a commercially-minded perspective to key decisions around provision of services in a fast-changing environment. You’ll maintain the momentum of organisational improvement, setting the future tone that will enable the council to be self-sufficient and sustainable while delivering quality services. You’ll also have a key role to play beyond the council, building relationships with key partners and representing Horsham’s interests on a regional stage, to ensure that the district benefits from the right investment to support ongoing economic growth, while ensuring that environmental sustainability is a fundamental part of all that we do.

We don’t have a prescriptive view of your professional background, but you do need to assure that you possess a good understanding of the place agenda along with a sound understanding of budgets and financial management. Your focus should be on outcomes rather than process or procedure and while it’s essential that you understand how local authorities operate, you should not be restricted to doing things as they have always been done. In fact, an imaginative and pragmatically creative approach will be essential as we adapt to a very different delivery landscape as we move forward from the pandemic.

Finally, you should offer an incisive and deliberate style of working, that brings clarity of direction, clear accountability, and enables delivery at pace.